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Cruise around the Eternal City by electric bike

At The Roman Guy we believe in maximizing your valuable vacation time. That’s why we offer guided Rome tours. We even offer an electric bike tour of Rome! Electric bikes are an excellent and affordable way to cover all the best things to do in Rome, especially in summer when it's scorching hot. E-bikes easily access places that vehicles cannot reach and cover more ground than Rome walking tours.

Cycle through Rome, exploring Rome's best neighborhoods on an e-bike tour. Not only does this tour include Rome's main attractions, but our friendly local guides also know all the best hidden gems that most tourists miss. For a leisurely but authentic experience, don't miss this opportunity. And in case you're not familiar with e-bikes, we have good news for you - you barely need to pedal!

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Private Tour

Private Tour

Private Half Day E-Bike Tour of Rome

Visit the Main Sites Including the Pantheon, Spanish Steps, Colosseum, and More!

Guided Tour

Guided Tour

Half Day Electric Bike Tour of Rome

See more of Rome by cycling your way to the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, and more on an e-bike